Put Yourself in a Sex Worker’s Shoes – and there might just be a condom in it

Now everyone can put themselves in the shoes of a sex worker – just don’t get caught with a condom in your shoe like Naomi here. Cops and Rubbers is now available for free PDF download or you can purchase an official printed version from the Open Society Foundations (OSF)’s website! Check out the OSF Cops and Rubbers page: http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/publications/cops-rubbers

Also this week Paul VanDeCarr, managing director and co-founder of Working Narratives, wrote a nice article for the Communications Network website on Cops & Rubbers. Paul interviewed Brett Davidson and Rachel Thomas from OSF and myself so the article shares perspectives of the design process from the subject matter experts/advocates and game designer. Enjoy!

Naomi tried to hide her condom in her shoe hoping to not get caught in possession of condoms. Unfortunately, tonight the police are searching people’s purses/wallets and shoes for condoms, and Naomi is caught. She’s at risk of getting arrested …. or worse.