Extreme Candy wins Best Game at Global Game Jam!

I teamed up with Clay Ewing (@claytical), Joel Acosta (@LoseTV), and Brian Deltoro in this year’s Global Game Jam from January 24-26. FIU’s Game Developers Guild kindly hosted us and got sponsors to provide food and drinks to fuel all of us through the 48-hour game jam!

Our game Extreme Candy Photo Bomb Scavenger Memory Saga (title is inspired by King’s recent act of trademarking the use of words like candy and saga in games) pits you against an evil witch with a sweet snaggletooth. Take a photo to concoct a spell for magical peppermints that will claim the candy as yours!

Extreme Candy Photo Bomb Scavenger Memory Saga won both Best Overall Game and Best Candy Game (thanks to @Machinezilla for sponsoring the Candy Jam prize). It was a great collaborative experience, and we are pretty happy with what we came up with in a weekend including introducing a new mechanic of taking photos to dictate the color of your candy ammo in our match-3 game.

We tried to release Extreme Candy… on iOS shortly after the jam, but it was rejected by the App Store because of the name (of course). We’re still working on getting a final version up. For now, we’ve posted a OSX version for your Mac computers on the Candy Jam site: http://claytical.itch.io/extreme-candy-photo-bomb-scavenger-memory-saga

Game Design: Clay Ewing, Lien Tran & Joel Acosta
Code: Clay Ewing
Graphics: Lien Tran
Illustrations: Joel Acosta
Audio: Joel Acosta & Brian Deltoro