Vanity TASAF Cops and Rubbers Humans vs. Mosquitoes Magnitude Make a Move Seeds to Soil


Vanity promotes tanning bed avoidance and melanoma prevention in adolescents and young adults. A tabletop version was funded by the Division of Dermatology at the Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa. A digital web-based version of the game, funded by the Canadian Dermatology Association, is in development for 2013.


Game funded by World Bank and designed for Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) to teach subsistence farmers in Tanzania about the benefits of a new national social safety net program and risk mitigating activities such as climate change adaptation.

Cops and Rubbers

Game created for Open Society Foundations’ Sexual Health and Rights Program (SHARP) highlighting the findings of their research on the Condoms as Evidence policy in Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, and USA.

Humans vs. Mosquitoes

Originally designed for the Red Cross as a field resource Humans vs. Mosquitoes is a game that communicates a direct connection between climate change and vector-borne disease transmission through embodied play.


Cooperative board game designed for U.N. ISDR as an educational companion to their GAR 2011 report.

Make a Move

Of the 8,000+ undocumented children detained within the U.S. each year, many are eligible for legal relief but are not guaranteed legal counsel and are extremely vulnerable without knowledge of their rights. Make a Move is the first in a series of games designed to inform undocumented youth about the possible actions they could take with regard to their immigration status or legal situation.

Seeds to Soil

Seeds to Soil (S2S) is a grassroots initiative bringing communities together around sustainable food practices in urban areas starting in Central Harlem, New York City.

16th Apr 2014
Toma El Paso on The Game Crafter

Make a Move (“Toma El Paso”) is officially available on The Game Crafter

For those who have been following my Gaming the Immigration System project and the status of Make a Move (Toma El Paso in Spanish), I’m happy to announce that the...

16th Mar 2014
Tran's Game Design class

UM Interactive Media MFA Among Princeton Review’s Top Graduate Game Design Programs

The School of Communications Interactive Media Master of Fine Arts program has earned a No. 24 ranking on The Princeton Review’s 2014 list of the best graduate schools to study...

16th Jan 2014
Extreme Candy Load Screen

Extreme Candy wins Best Game at Global Game Jam!

I teamed up with Clay Ewing (@claytical), Joel Acosta (@LoseTV), and Brian Deltoro in this year’s Global Game Jam from January 24-26. FIU’s Game Developers Guild kindly hosted us and...

04th Oct 2013

Put Yourself in a Sex Worker’s Shoes – and there might just be a condom in it

Now everyone can put themselves in the shoes of a sex worker – just don’t get caught with a condom in your shoe like Naomi here. Cops and Rubbers is now...

03rd Oct 2013

Creating Crowdsourcing Mobile App to Monitor Water Quality in Ghana

Article sourced from UM Interactive website (September 2013) With the global population booming and water-borne diseases on the rise, developing nations are faced with the serious challenge of providing clean water...

27th May 2013
Win Win

Summer 2013 Conference Schedule

This summer I will be presenting my game-related work at Games+Learning+Society, Games for Change, Allied Media Conference, and DiGRA. Please let me know if you’ll be at any of these...

05th Dec 2012

Forbes & NPR Support ROC United’s fight for fare wages

We all enjoy eating out. Unfortunately, the workers who cook, prepare, and serve our food suffer from poverty wages, a lack of basic benefits like paid sick days, and often have...

17th Nov 2012
Facilitating Cops & Rubbers with Australian Parliamentarian at AIDS2012 (Photo: Ejay De Wit)

Cops & Rubbers Goes Dutch via Hivnieuws

Ejay de Wit, a Dutch reporter, interviewed Rachel Thomas from Open Society Foundation and me at the International AIDS Conference (IAC2012) for an article in Hivnieuws. Thanks to the article Hivnieuws European readers are...

09th Oct 2012
Speaking at TNC Pitch event

Video highlighting The New Challenge Finalists 2012

I feel very fortunate to be among the finalists who received seed money from The New School’s The New Challenge. This video captures the essence of what TNS is achieving...

08th Oct 2012
Wedding Party app, new to iOS

Tying the Knot? There’s an app for that.

I remember when I was in undergrad a team of classmates and I made a wedding planning app for a friend, who had just started a side business. Back then...

25th Sep 2012
Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 6.01.25 PM

UM launching MFA in Interactive Media in 2013

It’s official, the University of Miami is launching a new MFA in Interactive Media program starting in the 2012-13 academic year. There’s also an Interactive Media minor for undergraduates. I...