Seeds to Soil

Seeds to Soil (S2S) is a grassroots initiative bringing communities together around sustainable food practices in urban areas. Aware of the food access problem in Central Harlem in New York City, S2S responded with a no-barriers- to-entry public intervention by bringing free seed-starting events to the neighborhood. S2S provides any interested parties with seeds and basic supplies and information to start growing their own healthy foods right at home.

Participating community members not only begin growing their own access to healthy food but also meet each other at follow-up events learn about each other and their plants on the S2S website. It is S2S’s hope that those who share the same needs and the same sidewalk will eventually meet, share interests, and further engage with their community. Seeds to Soil began as a joint initiative between Lien Tran and Michelle Jackson in Central Harlem, New York City.

Seeds to Soil also appeared at the Connected Communities Symposium at Newcastle University’s Culture Lab in Fall 2011.

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