Poor Not Guilty

#PoorNotGuilty launched in September 2019 during a communication advocacy workshop which Lien Tran organized with international petty offenses advocates held at University of Miami prior to the Petty Offenses Symposium: Challenging Criminalization of Poverty, Marginalization, and Gender Non-Conformity hosted by UM’s School of Law’s Human Rights Clinic, UM Law Review, UM School of CommunicationNational Homelessness Law Center, and Open Society Foundations’ Human Rights Initiative. Attendees joined the workshop from Canada, Guinea, Guyana, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

For more information: visit poornotguilty.org

Poor Not Guilty Challenges: Fines + Fees

In partnership with University of Miami’s School of Law’s Human Rights Clinic, National Homelessness Law Center, and Fines and Fees Justice Center, Lien Tran through her Matters at Play Lab designed and developed three roleplaying experiences to learn how laws unjustly fine petty offenses that disproportionately impact those experiencing homelessness, poverty, and/or housing insecurity.

Check out the Buckle Up Challenge where players can learn about the cycle of poverty perpetuated by minor traffic violations.
Play now at: https://poornotguilty.org/play/buckle_up/
Play the Drive It Home Challenge to learn how fines and fees associated with vehicle residency reinforce homelessness.
Play now at: https://poornotguilty.org/play/drive_it_home
Play the Park It Challenge to learn how fees associated with life-sustaining activities in public reinforce homelessness.
Play now at https://poornotguilty.org/play/park_it

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