Humans vs. Mosquitoes

Humans vs. Mosquitoes was originally designed in 2011 for the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre to use in the field to educate children about vector borne diseases and climate change. This game showcases innovative teaching tools in the field. Playing the game will allow children and policy makers alike to understand and engage on an emotional level with complex and abstract concepts of climate change and disease transmission.

The game has since been played all over the world at games festivals in the U.S. and at climate and education events throughout the U.S., Africa, and Asia. For more information and news on Humans vs. Mosquitoes, please visit the official website:

Ugandan parliamentarians playing Humans vs. Mosquitoes with Red Cross staff at COP17 in Durban, South Africa in November 2011.

Humans vs. Mosquitoes – The Card Game

Humans vs. Mosquitoes was selected for the Come Out and Play San Francisco big game festival that took place in December 2012. We were also invited to be part of the Come Out and Play SOMA Arts exhibition. Clay Ewing and I designed a card game version of Humans vs. Mosquitoes that was on display for visitors to play at SOMA Arts from November to December 2012. Images below include visitors playing HvM in the SOMArts gallery.

Illustrations courtesy of Julia Rose Smart.


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